McSally Campaign’s statement on President Obama’s endorsement of Kyrsten Sinema

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PHOENIX — The McSally campaign today released the following statement about President Obama’s endorsement of Kyrsten Sinema:

“It’s no surprise Liberal Kyrsten Sinema was endorsed by the most liberal President of our lifetime, Barack Obama,” said McSally Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair. “Kyrsten has been President Obama’s number one fan, even helping him shape the disastrous ObamaCare law. President Obama in his eight years failed to secure the border, raised our taxes, instituted disastrous healthcare legislation that left Arizonans with high premiums and few options, and was a foreign policy nightmare. This endorsement shatters the fake charade of Kyrsten Sinema as an ‘independent.’ Kyrsten is a proud Obama liberal Democrat.”

NOTE: In the same press release, President Obama also endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist from New York. Kyrsten Sinema and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now have two things in common — they both have called themselves socialists, and they’ve both been endorsed by President Obama.