McSally 2018 Debate Response

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Kyrsten Sinema. Talks Independent. Votes Liberal.

FACT CHECK: Kyrsten Sinema claims to stand up to party bosses, yet votes with Nancy Pelosi 76% of the time.

FLASHBACK: Kyrsten Sinema sided with Senate Democrats like Chuck Schumer and their delay tactics during the confirmation process of President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, Judge Kavanaugh.

Martha has consistently worked with President Trump since his election. He has endorsed her in this race and speaks with her on policy often.


Kyrsten Sinema continues to obstruct the President’s agenda to overturn unfair trade deals that harm American workers and put America first, even though a majority of Americans agree with his trade policies. 

Kyrsten Sinema is out-of-touch with American workers and businesses, opposing the use of tariffs to fight unfair trade policies which even Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supported.

While Kyrsten Sinema has obstructed the President’s agenda to promote freer, fairer, smarter trade, Martha McSally supports the preliminary U.S.-Mexico trade deal that reaffirms our country’s commitment to American workers and businesses.

Martha McSally is committed to a strong trading relationship with Mexico – our number one trading partner. Martha has tirelessly advocated for Arizona’s strong interest in modernizing NAFTA in a way that supports Arizonan jobs and businesses.


While Martha McSally supported the historic tax cuts that have put more money in Arizonans pockets, Kyrsten Sinema voted against tax cuts that have helped Arizona’s economy grow significantly in the past year, and will create over 27,000 jobs in the next 7 years.

FLASHBACK: Kyrsten Sinema voted AGAINST the historic tax cuts, calling it a “bad deal for Arizona.”

Arizonans continue to see benefits and more money in their pockets, thanks to President Trump and Republicans like Martha McSally passing historic tax cuts.

Protecting Arizonans and their families, Martha McSally voted for the historic tax cuts that have led to economic growth and created more good-paying jobs.


The majority of Arizonans said they supported the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kyrsten Sinema didn’t care. She put on her jersey and sided with Senate Democrats. Kyrsten Sinema. Talks Independent. Votes Liberal. 


Kyrsten Sinema released an ad calling Martha “morally bankrupt”, a personal attack. Kyrsten Sinema’s past actions speak for themselves. Every ad released by the McSally campaign is true. Kyrsten Sinema denigrated our troops, even depicting them as skeletons and calling them US Terror.

Kyrsten Sinema and her allies have spent more than $15 million attacking Martha. Kyrsten’s allies are so scared of Martha McSally they started attacking her in the primary.


Reminder: Even PolitiFact rates Kyrsten Sinema’s claim that Martha McSally voted to let companies sell users internet data without their consent ‘Mostly False.’ Martha’s fought in Congress to protect Arizonans personal photos from being shared on the internet.


Kyrsten Sinema is hardly familiar with these issues and has spent little time along the border and despite claiming that she will work with “literally” anyone to address these issues, she voted multiple times this year against thoughtful legislation that will strengthen our border and protect our communities from poisonous drugs and other illicit goods. She also fought to protect “johns in the state legislature” and took campaign contributions from, an Arizona based website dedicated to the trafficking of young girls.


Martha has voted time and again to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Martha has made it very clear: She will protect Arizonans with pre-existing conditions.

Since taking office, Martha has continually fought to protect people with pre-existing conditions. During the debate over Obamacare replacement (The American Health Care Act, or AHCA) legislation in 2017, Martha fought for an amendment to preserve coverage for people with pre-existing conditions but didn’t stop there. She successfully negotiated $8 billion in additional funding to bring down insurance costs for people with pre-existing conditions and negotiated a total of $165 billion in funding to help people struggling to afford health insurance.


Seniors over age 65 would see NO CHANGE to their Medicare, and Americans under 65 would NOT pay five times more for their insurance. The American Health Care Act (AHCA) would have allowed the health insurance market to return to a more free-market system as it was before Obamacare—and it would include protections for people with pre-existing conditions. There is rich irony here. Martha is the only candidate in this race that voted FOR a real tax cut for older Americans when she voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Sinema voted against the biggest tax cut in a generation then accuses Martha of raising taxes!

Martha on Medicare: The truth is Martha has defended and strengthened Medicare. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that she fought to enact has been driving economic growth which means that the Federal government is bringing in more revenue and Medicare and Social Security’s fiscal outlook is improving. Sinema however was a key architect of Obamacare that raided Medicare for $700 billion to finance the law. These cuts were then supposed to be implemented through the bill’s built-in enforcer, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)—an unelected, unaccountable group of bureaucrats charged with making sure that these $700 billion in cuts come to pass by restricting access to health care for seniors. Thanks to Martha’s support, IPAB was finally repealed earlier this year.


Kyrsten is the ultimate flip flopper on border security. She won’t keep Arizonans safe.

FLASHBACK: Kyrsten Sinema said a border wall was not “an effective way to keep individuals out of this country.”

FLIP FLOP: On the border wall, Kyrsten Sinema said just last year that it was “a waste of taxpayer money” and claimed it “won’t keep us safe.” 

As one of nine members of Congress who represents a border district, Martha has witnessed first-hand the security threats we face and the dysfunction of our immigration system. She is the Chairwoman of the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee, a first for a member from Arizona, and has worked tirelessly on legislation to secure the border, close legal loopholes being exploited by drug cartels, human traffickers, and violent gangs, and refocus our legal immigration system on skills needed in the United States. Kyrsten Sinema is hardly familiar with these issues and has spent little time along the border and despite claiming that she will work with “literally” anyone to address these issues, she voted multiple times this year against thoughtful legislation that will strengthen our border and protect our communities from poisonous drugs and other illicit goods.

Martha’s bill, the Securing America’s Future Act, ended child separation. The bill also closed many immigration loopholes, provided funding for a wall, more Border Patrol agents, and necessary new technologies at the border, as well as legislatively solving DACA. Kyrsten Sinema voted no on it.

Kyrsten Sinema voted against border security bills that would have ended family separation. Kyrsten Sinema. Talks Independent. Votes Liberal.



While Kyrsten Sinema jokes that Arizona steals water from Colorado, Martha McSally has worked in Congress to make sure that Arizonans will have a reliable source of water to sustain our state into the future.

Martha has been advocating for changes in the Farm Bill that will help Arizona take advantage of more federal water conservation resources so that we can complete new conservation projects, build storage capacity, and implement new technologies to ensure that we continue to have a reliable source of water for our families, farmers, and businesses.

The Colorado River is one of Arizona’s most important natural resources. Kyrsten Sinema joked that we here in Arizona steal our water from Colorado. As a native Arizonan, Kyrsten should know that not only is this untrue, but offensive.