McSally for Senate Launches New TV Ad “Get Through This”

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Today, McSally for Senate launched a new television ad, “Get Through This.” The ad focuses on Senator McSally’s unparalleled work on behalf of Arizonans during the coronavirus pandemic — raising money and volunteering to help those directly affected by COVID-19 and fighting for critical funding for Arizona small businesses, families, and health care providers.

On March 18th, Senator Martha McSally announced a major shift in her campaign, ceasing normal advertising and grassroots work for 30 days. She suspended all door to door canvassing focusing instead on helping the elderly and vulnerable in communities across Arizona.

McSally has been working tirelessly to provide relief for Arizonans. She introduced legislation to withhold pay from all U.S. Senators until they passed a relief packagehelped secure additional ventilators for Arizona hospitals, worked to craft and pass the CARES Act that provides immediate relief to hospitals, state/local governments, hard-working small businesses and families, and secured $8 billion for the Navajo nation.

On April 1st, Senator McSally announced her 15 Days of Giving initiative to suspend all campaign fundraising and instead raise as much money as possible for The Salvation Army of Arizona. After more than two weeks of volunteering at Salvation Armies and raising money, Senator McSally raised over $212,000 thousand to directly support Arizonans struggling with food insecurity, rent and utility payments.

In addition, Senator McSally is donating her entire Senate paycheck for the month of April to help people directly impacted by the coronavirus.

“Arizonans from all walks of life and professions have had their lives upended from the coronavirus, and it’s my honor to help,” said Senator McSally. “That includes getting immediate cash to families, ensuring our frontline healthcare heroes have the protection and equipment they need, and helping small businesses get financial support to stay afloat. I am also doing all I can personally like volunteering my time and money to help Arizonans put food on the table. I am fully focused on supporting Arizonans through this pandemic. Together we will prevail.”

You can watch the ad here.