ICYMI: Mark Kelly Silent On His Ties to China

Mark Kelly’s ties to China are finally coming to light.

A new story came out today from  Real Clear Politics on Mark Kelly’s lengthy ties to China, dependence on communist investors, and history of wasting taxpayer dollars on the failed World View Enterprises.

How can Mark Kelly ever hold China accountable for COVID-19 if he’s taking so much money from them?​

World View Enterprises was initially founded by Mark Kelly as a space tourism start-up, but the only outcome was a balloon explosion, investors from China, and wasted taxpayer money. 

  • The company is incorporated in the tax haven state of Delaware,
  • The 400 Arizona jobs expected by 2020 when the company accepted a deal with Pima County to pay for its $15 million launching facility do not exist,
  • The taxpayer-owned facility received hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage following a balloon explosion, and
  • The company’s highly publicized stunt to send a KFC chicken sandwich to space was aborted due to a balloon leak.

Read more for yourself here.

“A balloon explosion in late 2017 caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to its 120,000-square-foot launch facility, the construction of which was funded by a $15 million loan from Pima County.

Earlier that year, World View sent a Kentucky Fried Chicken sandwich to the edge of space, but the publicity stunt journey ended early because of a small leak in the balloon.

The company originally had a goal of hiring 400-plus employees by 2020 but last year had less than 100 and laid off 10 in an effort to reorganize.”