ICYMI: Sen. McSally on FOX Business discussing opponents ties to China

Senator McSally joined Mornings with Maria Bartiomo on FOX Business today.

The interview began with a discussion about the need to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for lying to the world about Coronoavirus and also “trampling on Hong Kong’s rights.”

In the interview, Senator McSally offered her thoughts: “China has been on the rise. They’ve wanted to replace us. They’re lying. They’re cheating. They’re stealing. And they’re trampling on the rights of people. So it’s time for the world to wake up, Americans to unite, for us to stop China. We have to use all of our tools; diplomatic tools, all of our economic tools. The window is closing and this is going to be a key issue in our election coming up in November.”

On the 2020 Senate race, Senator McSally said, “The only poll that matters is on election day, Maria. A key issue in the race is going to be who do you trust to hold China accountable. And we have very different records on this between me and opponent. I’ve never trusted a communist, I never will in the future, but my opponent decided to go into business with them. They invested in him, he’s invested in them.

Watch the entire interview here: