McSally for Senate Launches New TV Ad, “Never Trust a Communist”

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Today, McSally for Senate launched another campaign TV ad, “Never Trust a Communist”. The ad highlights Senator McSally’s work to hold the communist Chinese government accountable for lying to the world and covering up critical information about the Coronavirus. Senator McSally is also working on bringing pharmaceutical and manufacturing back to America, not only to boost the U.S. economy but to decrease reliability on China.

McSally has introduced legislation to allow U.S. citizens to file lawsuits against the Chinese Communist Party over losses suffered during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I learned in the military to never trust a Communist. All of America is learning that the Communist Chinese government lied and continues to coverup about the coronavirus, resulting in over 80,000 American deaths and counting” said Senator Martha McSally. “China destroyed samples, silenced doctors, kicked out journalists, blamed the US Army, and are still executing a propaganda campaign, costing lives and massive economic calamity. America will come back from this stronger than ever, but the Chinese government must be held accountable, and we must never again rely on them for critical supply chain needs.”

“Arizonans want elected officials to stand up to China’s government and say no more; Senator McSally is doing just that. Her opponent, on the other hand, has a startling history of doing business with the Communists in China,” said Dylan Lefler, McSally for Senate Campaign Manager.  “He co-founded WorldView, a space exploration company that received investment from a Chinese company labeled by the United Nations as ‘an enabler of Chinese government oppression.’ WorldView was supposed to create 400 jobs but instead failed to launch a Kentucky Fried Chicken sandwich into space and employs fewer than 100.”

Lefler continued, “There is only one candidate in this race who can be trusted to fight China for the well-being and jobs of Americans, Senator Martha McSally.”

You can watch the ad here.