McSally for Senate Launches New TV Ad, “Dianna”

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Today, McSally for Senate launched a new campaign TV ad, “Dianna.” In the ad, Dianna, a senior from Scottsdale discusses the importance of re-electing McSally, specifically when it comes to dealing with China.

“The Coronavirus taught Americans we are too reliant on China for our prescription drugs. That’s dangerous for seniors like me, and it takes jobs away from Americans. Honestly, I don’t trust Mark Kelly to stand up to China. But I know Martha McSally will. Martha is already taking on the big drug companies to lower prices, and won’t back down to China either. We need Martha McSally fighting for us.” -Dianna, Scottsdale AZ

“Breaking dependence on China is critical for our state and our country. We need our jobs back, we need our prescription drugs back, and we need our supply chain right here at home,” said Senator McSally. “I am fighting to provide tax credits to U.S. companies that bring jobs home from China, and I introduced legislation to ensure that safe, American-made drugs are more affordable. It’s past time to boost our economy and end dependence on China.”

You can watch the ad here.