Choose your fighter

ICYMI, Senator McSally has taken bold action to hold China accountable this week:

  1. Yesterday, Senator McSally introduced a bill to allow Americans impacted by the coronavirus to sue the Chinese communist government, holding them accountable for their role in the pandemic.
  2. And today, Senator McSally announced her support for legislation aimed at stopping China from stealing U.S. research and intellectual property.

As a reminder, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): (1) covered up the coronavirus’s spread, (2) muzzled whistleblowers, (3) intimidated doctors, (4) misled the World Health Organization, and (5) blocked outside health experts. The CCP’s culpability for the spread of COVID-19 is agreed upon by both sides of the aisle.

This is the same CCP that controls Tencent, the multimedia conglomerate Mark Kelly personally courted and secured investment from for his company World View Enterprises. As a reminder, China experts have repeatedly sounded the alarm against this type of investment: “Chinese investments are strictly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Their capital is strategically oriented with state interests. It’s not private investment. It’s national investment.”

Let’s not forget: Mark Kelly was also involved in a bizarre Chinese pyramid scheme to sell nutritional supplements. Kelly will clearly do anything to line his pockets with Chinese communist cash.

Mark Kelly’s record of enrichment stands in stark contrast to Senator McSally’s record of being one of the Senate’s toughest defenders against the predatory practices of the Chinese communists. In addition to her latest legislation, Senator McSally has:

  • provided tax credits to American companies that bring manufacturing of PPE, medicine, and key technology out of China and back home;
  • introduced the COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Act to prevent Communist China from stealing or sabotaging American COVID-19 vaccine research; and
  • introduced STOP Covid Act to hold China accountable for lying and covering up about coronavirus.

Arizonans deserve a leader who will fight for them against America’s adversaries, not someone like Mark Kelly who is only interested in his bottom line.

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By: Caroline Anderegg