Mark Kelly bows to his DC bosses…again

Last night Mark Kelly held a private fundraiser with liberal activist and VP-wannabe Stacey Abrams.

We don’t know what they said on that call since Kelly’s DC Dem bosses have kept him tucked away and tightly controlled. Maybe they talked about it being “necessary” to raise taxes, their support for allowing illegal immigrants to vote, or their desire for a government takeover of healthcare that would eliminate private insurance for nearly 3.5 million Arizonans.

OR maybe they talked about why Mark Kelly sides with Chuck Schumer over unemployed Arizonans. This fealty to the most far-Left wing of his party, rather than supporting much needed relief for Arizonans who would’ve been helped by Senator McSally’s plan to extend unemployment, is yet another example of why he is nothing more than a partisan puppet.

We may never know what Mark Kelly and Stacey Abrams talked about during their closed-door fundraiser. But what we do know is that Mark Kelly and Democrats are fundamentally unserious about delivering relief.


By: Caroline Anderegg