New Ads: “Mark Kelly Will Do Anything For a Buck, Say Anything for a Vote”

PHOENIX – Today, the McSally for Senate campaign launched three new ads highlighting Mark Kelly’s record of ripping off Arizona taxpayers. Benson resident J.J., Air Force veteran Chris, and small business owner Gloria share their personal stories of making ends meet while Mark Kelly lined his pockets with taxpayer money and his company laid off hardworking Arizonans.

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J.J.: “It’s hard work to keep a family of four on a budget, so millionaire Mark Kelly wasting our money really upsets me. 

Kelly used fifteen million taxpayer dollars to build his business. And instead of creating jobs, they are laying people off.

I’ve had enough of politicians who put themselves first.

Mark Kelly will do anything for a buck—and say anything for a vote.”


Chris: “I served our country in the Air Force.

Today, I get by on a veteran’s pension—and every dollar counts.

That’s why I was disgusted to learn that Mark Kelly pocketed fifteen million dollars of our money for his business, and then laid off workers instead of creating new jobs.

He’ll say anything for a buck—and do anything for a vote. 

Millionaire Mark Kelly ripped off Arizona taxpayers.”


Gloria: “When the pandemic hit, I was worried about losing my salsa business.    

Thankfully, Martha McSally secured grants for small business like mine.

 That money kept us going.

So I couldn’t believe that Mark Kelly criticized Martha’s PPP program. Now we learn the truth.

Mark Kelly took a million dollars for his own corporation.  

He’s a hypocrite.

Mark Kelly will do anything for a buck—and say anything for a vote.”


  • Mark Kelly co-founded World View Enterprises, which received $15 million of taxpayer funds with the promise to create 400 jobs. (Tucson Sentinel, 2/21/19)
  • Despite the promise to create hundreds of jobs, World View fell far short of that promise and ended up laying off hardworking Arizonans. (KGUN, 2/15/19)
  • World View continued to waste Arizonans’ money by using taxpayer dollars to launch a chicken sandwich into space. (Verge, 7/3/2017)
  • A 2017 explosion of World View’s balloon cost nearly half a million dollars in damages to the area. (Daily Star, 8/5/18)
  • Recently, Kelly and his company have come under fire for courting investment from Chinese Communist Party-linked Tencent, an investment Kelly played a personal role in securing. (RealClearPolitics, 7/9/20)

By: Caroline Anderegg