“Who could possibly be against this?” …paging Mark Kelly

Chuck Schumer just took to the Senate floor to block Senator McSally’s proposal to stop the partisan games and help Arizonans who are unemployed because of the pandemic.

It is, unfortunately, no surprise that Schumer and his caucus are more interested in pulling partisan stunts than helping Arizonans and people across the country who need to put food on their tables and pay rent. In his remarks, Senator Schumer even had the audacity to speak on to what he thinks Arizonans need—which apparently doesn’t include an immediate extension of unemployment relief.

This leaves one big question:

Does Mark Kelly agree with his Democrat Party boss on blocking extended unemployment benefits for hardworking Arizonans?

The people of Arizona deserve to know.

Read more from the Arizona Republic below…

McSally clashes with Schumer over COVID-19 unemployment benefits

Sen. Martha McSally clashed with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in dueling floor speeches Thursday after McSally called on her colleagues to extend federal unemployment benefits for seven more days. 

McSally, R-Ariz., cast the proposal as a bridge until a broader package is negotiated by both parties. 

McSally, who faces election this year, asked senators to pass her legislation by unanimous consent: “This is a reasonable proposal. Who could possibly be against this?”

Schumer, D-N.Y., promptly objected, saying her request “is clearly a stunt, a one-week fix can’t be implemented in time and the senator knows that. Plus, there are many other problems Arizonans have in addition to this one,” including the safe return to schools, potential evictions, and help for small businesses.

McSally said Schumer’s response was “a political stunt and a game” and illustrated Capitol Hill’s partisan gridlock…

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By Caroline Anderegg