Mark Kelly was called out today for being evasive in an interview with the Arizona Republic.

“I’ll have to see”
“I’ll study the issue”
“I’ll look at both sides”

These answers from a candidate who has been running for U.S. Senate for a year and a half are…alarming. What have you been doing all this time, Mark???

Kelly continued his trend of refusing to give straight answers on the issues that have dogged his campaign for months: (1) whether he’d vote for Chuck Schumer as Democrat Leader, (2) whether he agrees with his Party that they should eliminate the filibuster, and (3) his problematic ties to China.

He even used his service in the Navy to deflect questions about his ties to China, saying: “I understand that China is not a friend, that they are an adversary. You know, Senator McSally only understands that when it’s the politically expedient thing to do.”

First, Mark Kelly denigrating Martha McSally’s record of holding China accountable is a shameful lie, particularly when she has been one of the staunchest defenders against China’s aggression in the Senate.

Second, his argument contains a glaring contradiction: If Kelly has so much experience with China like he claims, then why did he get into bed with them? So, either he did know and didn’t care, or he still doesn’t understand the national security threat his relationship with Tencent poses. 

Neither is acceptable.

Mark Kelly needs to stop being evasive and give Arizonans real answers about his positions and record of shady business dealings. We’ve been saying this for a while now, and the closer we get to the election the more concerning it’s become to Arizonans across the state.

By: Caroline Anderegg