It’s all about his bottom line

Yesterday, The Huffington Post reported that Mark Kelly participated in a blatantly sexist marketing campaign for watchmaker Breitling. When asked by a reporter about his participation, Kelly refused to apologize.

This isn’t the first time Mark Kelly has leveraged his clout to line his pockets. This salesman bit has become all too familiar, and it’s increasingly clear that Kelly’s only concern is about his bottom line.

Let’s review…

#1 – Mark Kelly repped Breitling watches in a marketing campaign that was decried as “shamelessly sexist.” (Source: Huffington Post)

#2 – He also courted investments for his space company from a CCP-tied company, a move that is widely criticized by the national security community. (Source: RealClearPolitics)

#3 – Kelly consulted for and sat on the board of a company that sent surprise medical bills, charging one patient $500,000 for an air ambulance flight. (Source: Townhall)

#4: After his career in space, Mark Kelly went to China to be a frontman for a nutritional supplements pyramid scheme. (Source: Huffington Post)

#5: Kelly accepted a $55,000 fee for a speech in the UAE sponsored by the country’s crown prince. “The UAE and its authoritarian government have been accused routinely of violating basic human rights.” (Source: CNN)

#6: Mark Kelly and his team went out of their way to hide how much money he took in speaking fees to a taxpayer-funded university. (Source: Buzzfeed News)

#7: Kelly took tens of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from corporate clients on the speaking circuit. (Source: The Intercept)

When taken together a pattern emerges of a man that will do anything, take money from anyone, to line his own pockets. Arizonans deserve better than a sleazy salesman.

By: Caroline Anderegg