Mark Kelly continues to peddle empty health care promises

While Mark Kelly peddles his empty promises in a virtual tour on health care, let’s not forget that just last week he admitted that he has no idea how he’d pay for his proposed health care plan.

In response to a question about the costs associated with his plan, Mark said the government would have to pay for the additional costs. When pressed, Kelly gave a shrug of an answer: “Well, these are the things we got to sort out.”

After running for Senate for a year and a half, Kelly still won’t or can’t say how he’d pay for his total government takeover of healthcare. It’s probably because he doesn’t want voters to know that this plan would mean MASSIVE tax increases on middle class Arizonans, amounting to more than $2 trillion and adding $800 billion to the deficit

Mark Kelly wants to take away patients’ freedom to control their health care and choose their doctors, and instead turn total control over to the government. And to make matters worse, he doesn’t even know how he’d pay for it. Arizonans deserve better.