Shhh…you’re saying the quiet part out loud

The far-Left wing of the Democrat Party is saying the quiet part out loud. Liberal Rep. Pramila Jayapal went on The Daily Show and bragged: “We were able to significantly push Joe Biden to do things that he hadn’t signed on to before. So, he is movable.”

This is what we’ve been saying all along: Joe Biden and Mark Kelly are Trojan Horses for the most liberal activist wing of the Democrat Party. Democrats can twist themselves into pretzels parsing whether “defund” and “redirect” police funding mean the same things (FACT CHECK: they do), but at the end of the day these faux centrists are nothing but empty vessels for the most radical ideas that have taken over mainstream Democrat orthodoxy:

  • Eliminate the Senate filibuster, and thus totally eliminating all bipartisanship in the Senate (looking at you Mark Kelly)
  • Give DC two Democrat senators, meaning permanent liberal Senate majorities controlled by most liberal elements of the Democratic Party
  • Massive tax increases (Both Kelly and Biden have criticized & promised to repeal Republican tax cuts that saved Arizonans money)
  • Government takeover of health care, which would kick millions of Arizonans off their insurance
  • Green New Deal, which would add TRILLIONS of dollars in debt and upend our economy
  • Packing the Supreme Court with activist liberal judges

And it’s no surprise that they’re running from this truth. The more voters learn about Mark Kelly and Joe Biden, the more they run in the other direction.