This is no longer theoretical

Today, Chuck Schumer confirmed what we’ve been saying all along:  If they were in control of the Senate, Democrats would eliminate the filibuster in order to ram through the ultra-liberal Biden-Harris agenda.

As a reminder, this includes major tax hikes, total government takeover of health care, free health care for illegal immigrants, trillion-dollar Green New Deal, and defunding the police (yes, this is the same thing as “redirecting funds” from police).

This is no longer theoretical. 

Mark Kelly needs to answer (1) whether he would support Schumer for Leader and (2) whether he would vote with him to end the filibuster, opening the floodgates for far-Left policies that are out of step with Arizona.

No more of this evasive “I’ll have to see,” “I’ll study the issue,” or “I’ll look at both sides.” Arizonans deserve an answer.

By: Caroline Anderegg