AZ Republic to Mark Kelly: Stop dodging

Mark Kelly is once again getting called out by the Arizona Republic for dodging important questions. This time the question is the filibuster (again). He still refuses to say where he stands, even after he was called evasive for his non-answers over a month ago.

This is after he flip-flopped yesterday on packing the Supreme Court. Eliminating the filibuster is the first step in the Democrats’ plan to pack the court with liberal justices and ram through their radical agenda. Voters deserve answers to this and many other questions about where Mark stands.

Arizona Republic: Why does Mark Kelly continue to dodge answering this important question?

With just 15 days to go until early voting begins in Arizona, Democrat Mark Kelly is still bobbing and weaving when it comes to what may be one of the most important issues of the campaign.

Where, sir, do you stand on ending the filibuster?

It seems only fair that voters know whether Kelly is in favor of dramatically changing the Senate rules. Whether he would support clearing the way for Democrats to pretty much do whatever they want should they win the Senate and White House in November.

Unfortunately, mum’s the word in Camp Kelly.

Now, with Democrats potentially poised to take control of both the Senate and the presidency, the party’s left wing is pushing to do away with the filibuster. They’re looking to make it easier to pass a progressive agenda to reform gun and immigration laws, address climate change and usher in Medicare for all – basically, to pass laws they cannot pass unless Republicans are swept out of the way.

Obama is calling for an end to the filibuster. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is open to it, as are a number of Democratic senators.

So where, you might wonder, does Mark Kelly stand, should we send him rather than Republican Martha McSally, to the Senate?

Here is Kelly, in an August interview on the The Gaggle, The Arizona Republic’s political podcast, when asked whether he would support doing away with the filibuster:

“I’ve studied the issue, clearly,” he said. “It’s a big decision. I think everybody recognizes it as a big decision. It’s not in the Constitution. It’s been used to stop progress by both parties. So it’s something I will take very seriously. And I’ll look at both sides.”

This, of course, is a total dodge.

Kelly has been running for well over a year and he wants us to believe that he’s still studying the issue? That he has no position on a major rule change that could clear the way for fundamental change in this country?

Sorry, I just don’t buy it.

Meanwhile, early voting begins on Oct. 7 and those all-important moderate voters — the ones who will decide this race — have a right to know where Kelly stands.

Given his background as a combat pilot, it’s understandable that the Democratic nominee knows how to bob and weave.

On the campaign trail, however, that trait is getting a little old.

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By: Caroline Anderegg