Mark refuses to rule out packing the court

Last night’s Schumer-AOC press conference made clear that the socialist darling is calling the shots on the Senate Democrats SCOTUS strategy. And now, Mark Kelly is refusing to rule out upending the third branch of government.

CNN: How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s political future
is shaping Senate Democrats’ SCOTUS strategy

Mark Kelly was Schumer’s #1 Senate recruit, and his statement calling for the Senate to forgo their constitutional duty to advise and consent on judicial nominees proves he’s in lockstep with his boss. And now, apparently, his boss’s boss: AOC.

They’ve said everything’s on the table:

X  Packing the Supreme Court
X  Impeaching the president, again
X  Impeaching the attorney general

Mark Kelly now owns this plan, and his continued obfuscation isn’t going to cut it. His silence is tacit consent for the Democrats’ plan to destroy the high court. Doesn’t get much more radical than that.


By: Caroline Anderegg