McSally Campaign Debate Update

PHOENIX – While the McSally for Senate campaign still firmly believes voters deserve to hear from the candidates side-by-side before ballots are mailed, today we announced the first general election debate will take place on October 6.

The McSally campaign offered 15 potential dates for a debate in September. Mark Kelly refused them all. The Arizona media outlets hosting the debate offered two dates in September. Mark Kelly refused. This is on top of his refusal to meet for a CNN debate, 3 rural debates, or any of the number of debate offers from Arizona media outlets.

“We ought to be debating much earlier and more often—Arizonans deserve to hear directly from their candidates before voting begins,” said Senator Martha McSally. “Mark Kelly is trying to hide for as long as possible. This is unacceptable and disrespectful to Arizona voters. However, I’m confident that on October 6, voters will finally see my opponent for what he is: a Trojan Horse for a radical liberal agenda. If given power, Democrats will raise Arizonans’ taxes, implement a total government takeover of health care, and eliminate millions of energy jobs all over the country.”