McSally the Pragmatist vs. Kelly the Partisan

Mark Kelly talks a big game, but his silence on Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s latest obstruction only proves he’d be a partisan rubber stamp.

Flashback: In July, Senator McSally took to the Senate floor to extend unemployment relief for Arizonans. “This is a reasonable proposal. Who could possibly be against this?” We got our answer when Chuck Schumer personally blocked her plan.

Now, back in DC, Senator McConnell, Martha, and Senate Republicans have put forth a pragmatic, targeted COVID relief package.

Despite many points of bipartisan agreement in the latest relief bill, Pelosi and Schumer immediately came out against it. For the record, that means they’re against a bill that includes funding for additional unemployment, small businesses, educational support, childcare, and more.

The bill they’re obstructing is a compromise, as McConnell noted: “Republicans and Democrats have big differences, but they should not stop us from agreeing where we can and making law to help Americans through this crisis. Working families cannot suffer more because Democrats think their pain helps them politically.”

Does Mark agree with the latest partisan obstruction coming from his fellow Democrats? Would he vote for this relief package? If he’s going to talk the talk, it’s time to walk the walk.