Never meet your “heroes”…

They say never meet your “heroes,” they’ll just disappoint you. The more Arizonans learn about what’s behind Mark Kelly’s glossy veneer, the more this old adage rings true.



As a reminder, here’s a small sampling of what’s been uncovered about Mark:

  1. Took taxpayer money from Arizonans families, then wasted it.
  2. Made money off suffering Arizonans’ medical bills with surprise billing and price gouging.
  3. Participated in sexist ad campaigns that objectify women instead of treating them as equals.
  4. Made racially insensitive comments.

Mark Kelly is hiding from Arizonans. He doesn’t want to answer for his actions, and he certainly doesn’t want to talk about his liberal positions (See: taxesgovernment takeover of health care, etc.). Combined with his questionable business choices, voters are beginning to wonder what else might be out there about the real Mark Kelly, not just the guy in the TV ads.

By: Caroline Anderegg