Senator McSally is unstoppable

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Friendly reminder that the most consequential election of our lives is just 57 days away.

Senator McSally has been crisscrossing the state over the last several weeks, talking to Arizona voters about the issues most impacting their lives: job opportunities, a secure border, and better health care solutions.

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Last week alone, she visited four Arizona counties, traveled the state on the Women for Trump Bus Tour, and stopped by multiple field offices to rally supporters.

LISTEN: On Wednesday, Martha talked to Jeff OravitsJames T. Harris, and Mike Broomhead about the Women for Trump Bus Tour, her race for Senate, and why Mark Kelly is afraid to debate her.

WATCHABC15 caught up with Martha and Team McSally out on doors this weekend talking to voters about their top issues: China, public safety, the border, and more.

READ: On the Women for Trump Bus Tour stop in Phoenix, Senator McSally spoke to the Arizona Republic about the stakes of this election and the choice before voters: “It’s a very clear choice about jobs, opportunity, hope for the future, and safety and security for families and kids.”

Coconino County 

Yavapai County 

Maricopa County 


Pima County

We’re not sure where Mark Kelly has been this week, and Arizonans are starting to wonder. As a local radio host noted this week, they “don’t even know the last time Mark Kelly spoke in public.

By: Caroline Anderegg