AZ Sen. Debate: FACT CHECK – Mark just lied about snubbing a border agent

Mark Kelly just blatantly lied from the debate stage.

Mark’s treatment of Art Del Cueto, and subsequent lie, tells you everything you need to know about how Mark views the brave men and women who patrol our border.

“Mark Kelly would have you believe that he understands the importance of border security. But when given the opportunity to simply show me the humanity of shaking my hand, he snubbed me. That incident showed me everything I need to know about who Mark Kelly is. As a representative of the National Border Patrol Council there’s only one candidate in this race that respects the boots on the ground and understands what we need to keep our borders secure and Arizonans safe—and it’s not Mark.” – Art Del Cueto

Here’s the real story. It did happen:

Mark Kelly’s positions on border security would leave our country less safe and harm southern Arizona.

To top it off, in 2018, Kelly endorsed David Garcia for governor. This is the same David Garcia who fantasized about getting rid of the border wall and pushed policies that have been dubbed “#AbolishICE lite.”

Mark Kelly can’t be trusted on border security.