AZ Sen. Debate: Mark Kelly couldn’t say how much his health care plan would cost

Mark was just asked multiple times on the debate stage how he’d pay for his total government takeover of health care. He refused to say.

He can try to dodge, but Mark’s ‘public option’ health care plan is just clever wording for ‘total government takeover of health care,’ and according to the Heritage Foundation “a public option will be no different than so-called Medicare for All” – leading to higher taxes, worse care, and longer waits.

His plan would kick 178 million Americans off the private health care they like.

Mark doesn’t even understand the basic details of his own plan.

The truth: Kelly’s public option/government-controlled health care plan would:

1)     End Medicare as we know it.
2)    Raise taxes on Arizona families by $2,300.
3)     Lead to the total government takeover of health care.

Unaffordable health insurance does nothing to protect seniors, families, and those with pre-existing conditions.