ICYMI: Former Navy Fighter Pilots Endorse Senator Martha McSally

In case you missed it, Senator Martha McSally just got the endorsement of former Navy fighter pilots, retired admirals, aircraft carrier COs, Blue Angel COs, and a former TOPGUN CO.

These Navy veterans support Martha for her track record of delivering bipartisan results for Arizonans and because they can’t get behind fellow Navy veteran Mark Kelly and his alarming liberal stances.

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Tucson Sentinel: Veteran naval aviators endorse McSally

As fellow former naval aviators, we are alarmed by the prospect of Mark Kelly becoming Sen. Kelly. He has based a good portion of his ad campaign on his service as a naval aviator and astronaut. Well, we have already seen a group of distinguished former astronauts come out against Kelly. We echo their concern and view his career in the Navy and at NASA does not make him qualified to serve in the Senate.

There is one real fighter in this race, and it is McSally. That is why we are coming out loud and clear in support of the combat pilot from our sister service, the United State Air Force.


Kelly will be, at best, a very weak Democratic Party compliant senator coming after your firearms. He will follow Schumer’s lead down the radical road leaning hard left and not fighting for Arizona values. We can’t let him get elected. If Arizona elected Mark Kelly it could tip control of the Senate and usher in the entire radical Democratic agenda.

Martha McSally has done more for our veterans and the people of Arizona in her short time as senator than most others in many years. In just the year and a half she’s been in the Senate, she crafted and passed into law significant measures on military sexual assault and created veterans treatment courts, a nationwide program to help veterans who come home from serving with invisible wounds of war. She lives out the core values we all fought for.

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