Mark is no longer dodging, he’s lying

Mark Kelly’s continued refusal to give a straight answer on some of the most significant policy questions of the moment is alarming.

In an interview with the Arizona Daily Star yesterday, Kelly once again refused to say whether he’d vote to get rid of the filibuster, which would open the floodgates to pass the radical Pelosi House agenda. He called it “hypothetical.”

Except it’s not.

At almost the exact same time that Mark again dodged the question, Chuck Schumer got up on TV and said: “As for the filibuster, I’m not busting my chops to become Majority Leader to do very little or nothing. We are going to get a whole lot done. And as I’ve said, everything is on the table.”

Chuck Schumer is laying it all out on the table, saying if he’s in charge they’ll get rid of the filibuster in order to pass their radical agenda. This is not hypothetical, and Mark Kelly’s refusal to give a straight answer tells you everything you need to know. He’s no longer dodging, he’s lying.

By: Caroline Anderegg