Mark raking in cash with Kissin’ Cal

Folks – “You’re known by the company that you keep.”

Martha reminded us of this maxim last night in discussing Mark’s refusal to own up to hiring someone who openly expressed profane, disgusting anti-policy sentiments.

Well tonight, Mark kept company with fellow Democrat and disgraced candidate Cal Cunningham, who is best known for his recently discovered affair with the wife of a disabled veteran. The two attended an event together to rake in big bucks at a fundraiser hosted by the Manhattan Democratic Clubs. Added bonus is special guest Jerry Nadler, of impeachment sham fame, who Mark has also supported in the past via his gun control PAC.

Mark has benefitted from 5 joint fundraising agreements with Cal, yet has been totally silent on his unethical and inappropriate behavior.

Since Mark is helping him raise money, I guess that tells us all we need to know about where he stands on this.

By: Caroline Anderegg