Mark’s racist remarks come back to haunt him

Folks – Mark Kelly was finally forced to answer for his racist comments comparing Hispanics to monkeys only two years ago.

In the Univision candidate forum that aired today, Martha highlighted Mark’s disrespect for the Hispanic community both in making the comments and then brushing them off as a joke. He once again he said he was “making light” of a “challenging situation” by comparing Hispanics to wild monkeys. His weak apology—only coming after he was called out for the racist remarks—is unlikely to cut it with the more than 2 million Hispanic Arizonans he offended.

Casual racism isn’t a joke and it clearly wasn’t funny. Arizonans deserve better.

WATCH the video of Martha confronting him here.
WATCH the video of the original racist remarks here.
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And here’s an English language transcript of the exchange:

MARTHA: The Hispanic heritage in America is strong, and in Arizona. But there’s only one candidate in this race who’s had to apologize for making disparaging comments about Hispanics. Mark Kelly referred to Hispanics as wild monkeys. I think those words are disgusting and very hurtful, as was also his explanation that it was a joke. I don’t think anyone found that funny. I honor the Hispanic heritage. I’ve been leading on these issues in DC, and it’s an honor to represent you. 

MARK: The previous question first. Like me, my twin brother Scott was also an astronaut. He was in space for a year and I was trying to make light of the situation, it was a challenging situation. And poor choice of words, I made a mistake…

Click here to watch the full Univision Forum in which Martha talked about the work she’s doing for Arizona’s Hispanic community.

By: Caroline Anderegg