National Border Patrol Council Endorses Senator McSally

PHOENIX – Today, the McSally for Senate campaign announced that the National Border Patrol Council has endorsed Senator Martha McSally.

CLICK HERE to watch the endorsement announcement

“In Arizona, we know that border security is national security,” said Senator Martha McSally. “I am honored to again have the endorsement of the National Border Patrol Council because Arizona’s brave border agents know that I will always have their backs. I’ve fought for resources for the border wall system, access roads, sensors and all these agents need to stop flow of illegal immigrants and dangerous drugs into our communities. Mark Kelly would be a rubber stamp for the Democrat agenda that would throw open our borders and leave our communities less safe.”

“Senator McSally has been a friend of border security for a long time. Her record speaks for itself,” said Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council. “Senator McSally has shown a willingness to protect Arizonan citizens and work across the aisle to actually move legislation and get things done for Arizonans. For public safety, Senator McSally is the right person. Mark Kelly has a record clearly showing when push comes to shove, he will vote with open border pundits. He will vote with the Democratic caucus if they want open borders. He will not be the support that is necessary to secure our border.”