New Ad: Scare Tactics

PHOENIX – Today, the McSally for Senate campaign released a new ad that exposes Mark Kelly’s lies and scare tactics on health coverage for pre-existing conditions. The ad features Senator McSally speaking directly to voters about the Democrats’ shameful smears, why she voted to repeal Obamacare, her commitment to protecting Arizonans with pre-existing conditions, and her record of defending the vulnerable.

Click here to watch “Scare Tactics”

Senator Martha McSally: “I’m Martha McSally, and you deserve the truth.

I’ve always supported protecting anyone with a pre-existing condition, and I always will.

Mark Kelly knows that.

He knows I opposed Obamacare because it raised taxes and took coverage away from Arizonans.

But he’s using that Obamacare vote to scare you about pre-existing conditions. 

That’s no surprise, coming from Mark Kelly.

I approve this message because I’ve dedicated my life to standing up to the powerful and defending the vulnerable.”


  • Senator McSally fought to include protections for pre-existing conditions and to designate coronavirus as a protected pre-existing condition in recent targeted COVID relief package. (S.178)
  • Senator McSally introduced and voted for a bill that would ensure protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions. (S.1125)
  • In March, Senator McSally introduced a bill to lower the price of prescription drugs for Arizona’s seniors and families. (S.3384)
  • Senator McSally introduced legislation to allow small businesses to band together to provide lower health insurance costs to employees. (S. 1170)
  • Senator McSally cosponsored the bipartisan STOP Surprise Medical Bills Act, which would end surprise medical billing and protect patients from surprise medical bills. (S.1531)
  • While serving in the House, Senator McSally championed the Small Business Health Fairness Act to expand coverage and lower costs for working families. (H.R. 1101)