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PHOENIX – Ahead of tonight’s debate, the McSally for Senate campaign launched to highlight Mark Kelly’s shady business history and record of supporting radical politicians and policies.

“Mark Kelly is a counterfeit: He says he’s one thing, but a closer look reveals he’s just another Democrat scam to deceive voters. Arizonans deserve to hear the truth about Mark’s decade-long record of enabling the most far-Left politicians and lining his pockets through questionable business dealings. Time and again Mark has proven he’ll do anything to make a buck and say anything to get elected. The more voters learn about him, the more they realize Mark Kelly would be a rubberstamp for the disastrous Schumer agenda.” Caroline Anderegg, McSally for Senate spokeswoman


WATCH: “I’m General Robert Spalding. I served as the senior defense official to China for the U.S. military.

I’ve been monitoring Chinese threats for years. Mark Kelly put America’s security at risk when his company took Chinese money.

China wants to infiltrate America’s space industry so they can steal our technology and military secrets.  

Mark Kelly put his profits ahead of our security. Kelly’s actions make me question his judgment.”


WATCH: Former astronauts know Mark Kelly is too liberal. That’s why they support Martha.