Newt Gingrich: Kelly’s relationship with Tencent is really a relationship with the dictatorship

Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly’s activities with the Chinese communist dictatorship have become an issue in that state’s senatorial election. 


Some Democrats apparently find it hard to understand how ruthless and dictatorial their communist Chinese business partners are.

In Kelly’s case, riding around China with a Chinese flag on his motorcycle was probably good for selling products and making money, but it also helped legitimize the totalitarian police state Xi Jinping is building. After all, if an American astronaut is comfortable waving the Chinese flag, can the dictatorship really be that bad?

Similarly, selling the giant Chinese conglomerate Tencent a role in Kelly’s surveillance balloon company offers the Chinese dictatorship an opportunity to acquire surveillance technology which will help it further control the Chinese people. At a time when the dictatorship has more than a million Muslims in concentration camps, systematically destroys the culture of Tibetan Buddhists and imposes a police state on Hong Kong, offering surveillance opportunities through Tencent to Xi Jinping is a profoundly bad idea.

Tencent is also an investor in the Top Gun sequel, which removed the flags of Taiwan and Japan from Tom Cruise’s pilot jacket—a sign of the dictatorship’s willingness to censor Americans. No detail of communist propaganda is too small for Kelly’s Chinese communist friends to promote.

Remember that all Chinese companies—by law—are subordinate to the communist dictatorship. Kelly’s relationship with Tencent is really a relationship with the dictatorship.


Meanwhile, The New York Times apologizes for running an op-ed by Tom Cotton, a sitting U.S. Senator, but happily runs op-eds penned by Beijing-ruled Hong Kong officials who are blatantly spreading Chinese Communist Party propaganda.


At a time when the Chinese communist dictatorship is getting more aggressive and militant, we need leaders who are determined to stop it—not ones who want to be its friends and business partners.

This is the heart of the difference between Sen. Martha McSally and her opponent Kelly….

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