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  • Mark Kelly and Joe Biden railed against tax cuts that kept more money in the pockets of hardworking Arizonans.
    • Last year on Tax Day, Mark Kelly criticized the 2017 federal tax cut by saying, “Middle class Arizonans are realizing that this massive tax bill wasn’t written for them, and that most of the benefits are going to the wealthy and big corporations.” (Mark Kelly Press Release)
    • Joe Biden admitted: “If you elect me, your taxes are gonna be raised not cut.”(Americans for Tax Reform)



  • Kelly’s World View Enterprises is incorporated in Delaware, a known tax haven(Real Clear Politics)

By: Caroline Anderegg

NEW report uncovers Mark Kelly was cozier with Chinese communist investors than we thought

A new story out today from RealClearPolitics uncovers new information about the extent to which Mark Kelly personally helped secure Chinese Communist Party-tied investment in his firm Worldview.  

The investment from the CCP-tied firm, Tencent, was originally reported by RealClearPolitics in May. For more background on that, click here.

The new reporting reveals important details on Kelly’s relationship with Tencent from an article in the Oriental Morning Post, a translation of which reads:  “Tencent American leader named David met Mark Kelly, a space pilot of our team. After Mark introduced him to space travel technology [Worldview], David was very interested and willing to invest at this stage.

This new bombshell undercuts the Kelly campaign’s previous dismissal of his deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Administration officials, members of Congress, and national security experts on both sides of the aisle have warned about the danger of allowing Tencent and other Chinese Communist run companies to make significant investments in U.S. companies. As the new reporting notes, FBI Director Chris Wray raised these concerns again this week:

“U.S. foreign policy experts have long warned about Chinese investments in the U.S. space and tech industries, especially when it comes to Tencent and other social media platforms. FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday warned that the Chinese government’s theft of American information is taking place on so large a scale that suspected incidents make up nearly half of his bureau’s counterintelligence cases. Wray pointed to a “wide range of actors – including not just Chinese intelligence services, but state-owned enterprises, ostensibly private companies, certain kinds of graduate students and researchers … working on their behalf.”

Tencent also recently came under fire for censoring keywords relating to the COVID-19 outbreak in China on its popular social media platform WeChat. Just last week, India banned WeChat app over concerns that it was secretly stealing users’ data and sending it back to China.

Mark Kelly’s ties to Tencent and the CCP raise serious questions about his business dealings. He must answer why he prioritized his own enrichment over U.S. national security.

CLICK HERE to read the full report from RealClearPolitics.

By: Caroline Anderegg

McSally for Senate Launches New Ad: “Whitney”

PHOENIX – Today, the McSally for Senate campaign launched a new ad highlighting Senator McSally’s record of defending life-saving healthcare choices. In the ad, Whitney, an Arizonan with a pre-existing condition, explains why she stands against the Democrat plan to put government in charge of healthcare and why she trusts Senator McSally to protect pre-existing conditions.


WHITNEY: “Because of a rare blood disorder, I need monthly chemo infusions to survive.

That’s why I’m so afraid of Mark Kelly and Joe Biden’s plan to put government in charge of our healthcare.

Their dangerous plan could take away our choice of doctors and threaten the quality of care I depend on–hurting those of us with pre-existing conditions the most. 

That’s why I support Martha McSally. I know Martha will fight to protect people like me, and make sure every Arizonan has quality, affordable healthcare.”


  • Senator McSally and other Senators introduced a bill that would protect people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Senator McSally co-sponsored a bill to protect health coverage for millions of Americans that receive coverage through small businesses.
  • While serving in the House, Senator McSally championed the Small Business Health Fairness Act to expand coverage and lower costs for working families.
  • In March, Senator McSally introduced a bill to lower the price of drugs for Arizona’s seniors and families.


McSally for Senate Launches New TV Ad, “Dianna”

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Today, McSally for Senate launched a new campaign TV ad, “Dianna.” In the ad, Dianna, a senior from Scottsdale discusses the importance of re-electing McSally, specifically when it comes to dealing with China.

“The Coronavirus taught Americans we are too reliant on China for our prescription drugs. That’s dangerous for seniors like me, and it takes jobs away from Americans. Honestly, I don’t trust Mark Kelly to stand up to China. But I know Martha McSally will. Martha is already taking on the big drug companies to lower prices, and won’t back down to China either. We need Martha McSally fighting for us.” -Dianna, Scottsdale AZ

“Breaking dependence on China is critical for our state and our country. We need our jobs back, we need our prescription drugs back, and we need our supply chain right here at home,” said Senator McSally. “I am fighting to provide tax credits to U.S. companies that bring jobs home from China, and I introduced legislation to ensure that safe, American-made drugs are more affordable. It’s past time to boost our economy and end dependence on China.”

You can watch the ad here.

Statement of Martha McSally on Dangerous Democratic Idea to Defund Police

ICYMI: Sen. McSally on FOX Business discussing opponents ties to China

Senator McSally joined Mornings with Maria Bartiomo on FOX Business today.

The interview began with a discussion about the need to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for lying to the world about Coronoavirus and also “trampling on Hong Kong’s rights.”

In the interview, Senator McSally offered her thoughts: “China has been on the rise. They’ve wanted to replace us. They’re lying. They’re cheating. They’re stealing. And they’re trampling on the rights of people. So it’s time for the world to wake up, Americans to unite, for us to stop China. We have to use all of our tools; diplomatic tools, all of our economic tools. The window is closing and this is going to be a key issue in our election coming up in November.”

On the 2020 Senate race, Senator McSally said, “The only poll that matters is on election day, Maria. A key issue in the race is going to be who do you trust to hold China accountable. And we have very different records on this between me and opponent. I’ve never trusted a communist, I never will in the future, but my opponent decided to go into business with them. They invested in him, he’s invested in them.

Watch the entire interview here:

McSally for Senate Launches New TV Ad, “Never Trust a Communist”

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Today, McSally for Senate launched another campaign TV ad, “Never Trust a Communist”. The ad highlights Senator McSally’s work to hold the communist Chinese government accountable for lying to the world and covering up critical information about the Coronavirus. Senator McSally is also working on bringing pharmaceutical and manufacturing back to America, not only to boost the U.S. economy but to decrease reliability on China.

McSally has introduced legislation to allow U.S. citizens to file lawsuits against the Chinese Communist Party over losses suffered during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I learned in the military to never trust a Communist. All of America is learning that the Communist Chinese government lied and continues to coverup about the coronavirus, resulting in over 80,000 American deaths and counting” said Senator Martha McSally. “China destroyed samples, silenced doctors, kicked out journalists, blamed the US Army, and are still executing a propaganda campaign, costing lives and massive economic calamity. America will come back from this stronger than ever, but the Chinese government must be held accountable, and we must never again rely on them for critical supply chain needs.”

“Arizonans want elected officials to stand up to China’s government and say no more; Senator McSally is doing just that. Her opponent, on the other hand, has a startling history of doing business with the Communists in China,” said Dylan Lefler, McSally for Senate Campaign Manager.  “He co-founded WorldView, a space exploration company that received investment from a Chinese company labeled by the United Nations as ‘an enabler of Chinese government oppression.’ WorldView was supposed to create 400 jobs but instead failed to launch a Kentucky Fried Chicken sandwich into space and employs fewer than 100.”

Lefler continued, “There is only one candidate in this race who can be trusted to fight China for the well-being and jobs of Americans, Senator Martha McSally.”

You can watch the ad here.


ICYMI: Mark Kelly Silent On His Ties to China

Mark Kelly’s ties to China are finally coming to light.

A new story came out today from  Real Clear Politics on Mark Kelly’s lengthy ties to China, dependence on communist investors, and history of wasting taxpayer dollars on the failed World View Enterprises.

How can Mark Kelly ever hold China accountable for COVID-19 if he’s taking so much money from them?​

World View Enterprises was initially founded by Mark Kelly as a space tourism start-up, but the only outcome was a balloon explosion, investors from China, and wasted taxpayer money. 

  • The company is incorporated in the tax haven state of Delaware,
  • The 400 Arizona jobs expected by 2020 when the company accepted a deal with Pima County to pay for its $15 million launching facility do not exist,
  • The taxpayer-owned facility received hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage following a balloon explosion, and
  • The company’s highly publicized stunt to send a KFC chicken sandwich to space was aborted due to a balloon leak.

Read more for yourself here.

“A balloon explosion in late 2017 caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to its 120,000-square-foot launch facility, the construction of which was funded by a $15 million loan from Pima County.

Earlier that year, World View sent a Kentucky Fried Chicken sandwich to the edge of space, but the publicity stunt journey ended early because of a small leak in the balloon.

The company originally had a goal of hiring 400-plus employees by 2020 but last year had less than 100 and laid off 10 in an effort to reorganize.”


McSally for Senate Launches New Digital Ad “Stronger Than Ever”

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Today, McSally for Senate launched a new digital ad, “Stronger Than Ever.” The digital ad, a companion to last week’s television ad titled “Get Through This,” highlights Senator McSally’s personal efforts to help Arizonans during the coronavirus pandemic by donating her April paycheck to charities and individuals in need, giving blood, volunteering at food banks, and raising money for The Salvation Army of Arizona. McSally recorded the message for the ad on her phone while at home practicing social distancing.

At the start of this devastating pandemic, Senator Martha McSally shifted her campaign to focus on providing relief for Arizona. Her campaign ceased normal advertising for more than a month and suspended all door to door canvassing to instead deliver essential items to the elderly and vulnerable in communities across Arizona.

She introduced legislation to put Americans first by withholding pay from all U.S. Senators until they passed a relief packagehelped secure additional ventilators for Arizona hospitals, and worked to get immediate cash relief to individuals, hospitals, state/local governments, and small businesses. She also fought to secure $8 billion for Native American tribes like the Navajo Nation in Arizona to combat costs associated with fighting coronavirus.

On April 1st, Senator McSally announced she was suspending all campaign fundraising to instead raise as much money as possible for The Salvation Army of Arizona. For 15 Days, she focused on volunteering and raising money, bringing in over $212,000 to directly support Arizonans struggling with food insecurity, rent and utility payments.

“There is no doubt we are facing one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime. Coronavirus has affected all of us personally and the pain is real,” said Senator McSally. “One thing is certain though – we will get through this together. I’m committed to making sure Arizona has support to win this fight by getting critical funds to small businesses, workers, families and hospitals and protection for our frontline health care heroes.  I’m also doing what I can personally, like donating my paycheck, raising money for charity, and giving blood. I know times are tough, but we will prevail by working and helping together.”

You can watch the ad here.


McSally for Senate Launches New TV Ad “Get Through This”

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Today, McSally for Senate launched a new television ad, “Get Through This.” The ad focuses on Senator McSally’s unparalleled work on behalf of Arizonans during the coronavirus pandemic — raising money and volunteering to help those directly affected by COVID-19 and fighting for critical funding for Arizona small businesses, families, and health care providers.

On March 18th, Senator Martha McSally announced a major shift in her campaign, ceasing normal advertising and grassroots work for 30 days. She suspended all door to door canvassing focusing instead on helping the elderly and vulnerable in communities across Arizona.

McSally has been working tirelessly to provide relief for Arizonans. She introduced legislation to withhold pay from all U.S. Senators until they passed a relief packagehelped secure additional ventilators for Arizona hospitals, worked to craft and pass the CARES Act that provides immediate relief to hospitals, state/local governments, hard-working small businesses and families, and secured $8 billion for the Navajo nation.

On April 1st, Senator McSally announced her 15 Days of Giving initiative to suspend all campaign fundraising and instead raise as much money as possible for The Salvation Army of Arizona. After more than two weeks of volunteering at Salvation Armies and raising money, Senator McSally raised over $212,000 thousand to directly support Arizonans struggling with food insecurity, rent and utility payments.

In addition, Senator McSally is donating her entire Senate paycheck for the month of April to help people directly impacted by the coronavirus.

“Arizonans from all walks of life and professions have had their lives upended from the coronavirus, and it’s my honor to help,” said Senator McSally. “That includes getting immediate cash to families, ensuring our frontline healthcare heroes have the protection and equipment they need, and helping small businesses get financial support to stay afloat. I am also doing all I can personally like volunteering my time and money to help Arizonans put food on the table. I am fully focused on supporting Arizonans through this pandemic. Together we will prevail.”

You can watch the ad here.